Weekly Sermons

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February 16, 2014 AM Service "Disciples: Rise Up!"  Jose Duran

February 16, 2014 PM Service "Counter-Cultural"  Rev. Mike VanBuren

February 9, 2014 AM Service "What Are You Afraid Of?"  Rev. Shawn Hulst

February 9, 2014 PM Service "Lasting Healing"  Rev. Mike VanBuren

February 2, 2014 AM Service "Coach Said..."  Rev. Shawn Hulst

February 2, 2014 PM Service "Resurrection: A Living Hope"  Rev. Jeremy Visser

January 26, 2014 AM Service "Live Love"  Noah Matthysse-Youth Service

January 19, 2014 AM Service "Disregarding the Design"  Rev. Shawn Hulst

January 19, 2014 PM Service "Follow the Leader"  Rev. Jeremy Visser

January 12, 2014 AM Service "How Do You Decide?"  Rev. Mike VanBuren

January 12, 2014 PM Service "Don't Call Me Late for Dinner"  Rev. Brandon Sloterbeek

January 5, 2014 AM Service "Guardedly Giving" Rev. Shawn Hulst

December 29, 2013 AM Service "He Is: Experiencing the Glory of Christ"  Rev. Jeremy Visser

December 29, 2013 PM Service "Ask the Owner"  Rev. Mike VanBuren

December 15, 2013 AM Service "They Witnessed, Then Witnessed"  Rev. Mike VanBuren

December 8, 2013 AM Service "Because I Love You"  Rev. Shawn Hulst

December 1, 2013 AM Service "Remember?"  Rev Shawn Hulst

November 24, 2013 AM Service "How Bad Is It?"  Rev. Shawn Hulst

November 24, 2013 PM Service "The Return of Christ"  Rev. Jeremy Visser

November 10, 2013 AM Service "What Is Your Life?"  Rev. Jeremy Visser

November 10, 2013 PM Service "Bringing Good News"  Rev. Al and Sue Schreuder

November 3, 2013 AM Service "Another Broken Marriage"  Rev. Shawn Hulst

November 3, 2013 PM Service "David's Testimony:  Why God is Better than Idols"  Rev. Jeremy Visser