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Adult Sunday School 

Starting September 22

Adult Sunday School classes meet from September-April each year. The Education Season is always an exciting time when a wide range of discipleship opportunities are offered. Check out the classes listed below and make Sunday School part of every Sunday's worship experience.  

The Open Gate

Leader: Joel Baar  |  Location: Fellowship Hall  |  Time: 9:50am

The Open Gate is designed to be a “drop-in” class with a variety of topics and leaders from week to week. This is the perfect class for those who can’t commit to a long-term Bible Study. The 2019 Education Season will begin with a video/discussion study entitled, “A Drive-Through History of America.”

The Women’s Bible Study Class

Leader: Julie Matzke  |  Location: Music Room  | Time: 9:50am

This class encourages women of all ages to join in the adventure of growing more intimate with our Lord and Savior. During the first semester, the class will be studying Psalm 23 with the help of video host, Jennifer Rothschild. This class will ask questions of their faith, search out answers in the Scriptures, and open conversations with God.

The Men’s Bible Study Class

Leader: Mark Vosburg  |  Location: Room 108  |  9:50am

Men are encouraged to join in this discussion class that will be using a study entitled, “Growing Through Life’s Challenges.” This is a study of challenges faced by men like Moses, Gideon, Peter, and Paul—challenges that men today are still facing.  Our hope is that it will remind us that God's character and presence can give you the strength to face any difficulty.

Guided by the Word  

Leader: Tom Miedema  |  Location: Room 109  |  Time 9:50am

This is a discussion class that encourages the members to interact with each other over God’s Word. Using the highly respected Sunday School Guide Materials as a guide, this group digs into Scripture gleaning guidance for their lives as they seek to reach the world for Christ. “Guided by the Word” is a class made up of a large variety of ages creating a beautiful learning environment.

New City Catechism

The Gospel Coalition has put together a new catechism that has combined and adapted the Westminster and the Heidelberg. The entire catechism has been shortened down to 52 questions and answers and is available for free online at or in the app store.

  • Families can share the truths of the gospel around the dinner table or at bedtime.

  • Children can learn the questions and answers using the catchy memorization songs.

  • Busy teenagers and adults can read insightful commentaries on their phones.

  • Entire church congregations can grow together by engaging in weekly discussions based on God’s redemptive principles.

Our Fellowship Education/Discipleship Team enthusiastically endorses the New City Catechism and is launching a campaign encouraging everyone to check out the New City Catechism. Everyone at Fellowship can now access this catechism online or on the app at their convenience.

Contact: Jim DeHorn
Phone: 616-669-1213

How can I Grow / serve?

  • Do you want to share a vision, a mission, a great book, a needy cause, or an insight into Scripture? The "Open Gate" Sunday School Class gives you the opportunity.

  • Would you like to teach a Sunday School Class or team teach with a friend?