Adult Sunday School 

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Adult Sunday School classes meet from September-April each year. The Education Season is always an exciting time when discipleship opportunities are offered. Plan now to make Sunday School a part of your Sunday morning worship experience.

New City Catechism

The Gospel Coalition has put together a new catechism that has combined and adapted the Westminster and the Heidelberg. The entire catechism has been shortened down to 52 questions and answers and is available for free online at or in the app store.

•    Families can share the truths of the gospel around the dinner table or at bedtime.
•    Children can learn the questions and answers using the catchy memorization songs.
•    Busy teenagers and adults can read insightful commentaries on their phones.
•    Entire church congregations can grow together by engaging in weekly discussions based on God’s redemptive principles.
Our Fellowship Education/Discipleship Team enthusiastically endorses the New City Catechism and is launching a campaign encouraging everyone to check out the New City Catechism. Everyone at Fellowship can now access this catechism online or on the app at their convenience.
In order to explain and promote this wonderful educational tool the Education team is hosting several short informational meetings in the month of December. Bring your smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

•    December 17   |   10:00AM   |   Fellowship Hall
•    December 19   |     7:00PM   |   Conference Room
•    December 31   |   10:00AM   |   Conference Room

Women's Bible Study

Leader: Julie Matzke  |  Location: Conference Room
All women are invited to study, “The Armor of God.” We will be watching and studying seven DVD lessons taught by Priscilla Shirer. We will be spending a week watching a lesson—then discussing that lesson as a class the following week. Join us to learn an action plan for putting on God’s Armor and developing strategies for victory over Satan’s spiritual warfare in our lives.  

Men's Bible Study

Leader: Mark Vosburg  |  Location: Room 108
“Men Like Us” is the name of the study the guys in this class will be using as they kick off the education season. This book will reveal men of the Bible that most of us don’t know very well, and will analyze how God used them to do His will. Join this discussion class to see how God can use you, too.

Guided by the Word

Leader: Tom Miedema|  Location: Room 109
This discussion class is designed to encourage Christian growth and maturity and to stimulate dynamic Christian living that brings praise and honor to God. The class uses  “The Sunday School Guide,” with weekly conversations and discussions covering subjects of contemporary importance, as well as traditional theological expositions.

Young Marrieds' Class

Leaders: Jason and Grace Folkert  |  Location: Music Room
Young couples meet every other Sunday to discuss what it’s like to live for Christ in the midst of everyday busyness and chaos.

Contact: Jim DeHorn
Phone: 616-669-1213

How can I Grow / serve?

  • Do you want to share a vision, a mission, a great book, a needy cause, or an insight into Scripture? The "Open Gate" Sunday School Class gives you the opportunity.
  • Would you like to teach a Sunday School Class or team teach with a friend?