Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups are for everyone. Much of the spiritual growth and Christian fellowship that takes place at FRC happens in small, Bible Study Groups. These groups range from 60 women in a Wednesday morning Bible study to one-on-one accountability partners meeting in individual homes. Bible Study Groups are as different and unique as the members that participate in them.

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Men's Bible Studies


Early Risers: Verse by verse study led by Pastor Shawn. This group loves to sit for some coffee and conversation in the Lobby before retiring at 5:30am to the Conference Room for prayer (these men are committed to praying through the entire congregation) and in-depth study through the Scriptures. We are currently going through James.

Young Men’s Discipleship Group: 5:30am in Room 034. Topical Scripture research led by Pastor Jeremy and Brian Boom. These young men challenge each other and dig deeply into everything from current issues to tough theological questions.


Serendipity Bible Book by Book: 12:00pm at Baar Law Office. This verse-by-verse Bible study is led by Jim DeHorn and Joel Baar. Currently studying the book of Hebrews, these guys may take a month to work through one chapter. It's in depth and it's wonderfully challenging. Come join us.

Equipping the Man in the Mirror:  Topical study led by Joe Cleveland.  Join the men who meet during Family Night. Using the acclaimed "Man in the Mirror" Bible Study booklets as their guide, these men meet at church from 6:45-7:45pm. You'll grow as a Godly husband, father and disciple if you join with these guys.

Men's Discipleship Group:  Topical Bible study led by John Nauta at 8:30pm in the Conference Room. These determined disciple makers have recently studied "Respectable Sins" and "Victory in Spiritual Warfare." Join this group and be part of this great brotherhood of God's men.


Scripture and Prayer: 6:30am in the Conference Room. Prayer time and topical Bible Study led by Larry Bruins. These faithful men gather to pray for the congregation and to dive into God's Word. You will be blessed and you will be a blessing to others if you join these men. Our current topic is The Apostles' Creed.


Brothers Together: Topical Bible Study led by Jim Burton and Tony Zapata. Come join these men on Friday morning from 7:00-8:00am. This is a great eclectic group of guys who love to be together and discuss God's Word and His plan for their lives. 


▪ Dawn Patrol: Topical Video/Discussion Bible study led by Jim DeHorn. You're invited to join the men of FRC at this video Bible Study for men of all ages and all stages. The meetings kick off with Sprinkles donuts at 7:30am on the third Saturday of every month. We "break the huddle" at 8:30am sharp. This group meets in Room 034.

Women's Bible Studies

During the Education Season, (September-April) Fellowship women can take advantage of a wonderful array of Bible Study groups. From our Wednesday morning Capstone group (for those who prefer a “big class” format) to our War Room Prayer Team (a small intimate gathering of prayer warriors), women of all ages and stages in their spiritual journey are enriched and challenged by Bible studies throughout the week.


▪ Women’s Sunday School class led by Julie Matzke


▪ Beth Moore video study led by Rose Klynstra every other Tuesday evening


▪ Study led by Heidi Wiley


▪ “The War Room” led by Gwen Snoeyink. This group meets year-around to pray for FRC ministries at 8:00am in Room 108.

▪ Scripture-based topical study led by Joyce Jansen on Thursday mornings.

Other Bible Studies


▪ Prayer Meeting  -5:30pm in Pastor Shawn’s Office


There Is Hope Weekly Emails: Each Friday morning an email is sent out that updates everyone on the prayer requests of the Palmbos family, serving with There is Hope in Malawi, and Jake Tornga's ministry with refugees world-wide.  This is an on-line prayer meeting led by Jim De Horn. Anyone wishing to be added to the email list should contact Jim De Horn at

Contact: Jim DeHorn
Phone: 616-669-1213

How can I Grow / Serve?

  • Join a Bible study to grow in your faith with friends.
  • Want to lead a Bible study to serve others?