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Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups are for everyone. Much of the spiritual growth and Christian fellowship that takes place at FRC happens in small, Bible Study Groups. These groups range from 40 women in a Thursday  morning Bible study to one-on-one accountability partners meeting in individual homes. Bible Study Groups are as different and unique as the members that participate in them, but with this wide-range of choices, there's something for everyone. 

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Early Riser’s Men's Bible Study
Leader: Pastor Shawn Hulst  |  Location: Room 107
Time: 5:30am

It's never too early to appreciate the Word of God—even at 5:30am!  Grab your Bible and join us as we explore God's Word—one verse at a time. Our current study is the Book of Acts—learning how the Church was established and the Gospel was proclaimed to all people. Need some coffee and time to wake up first? Feel free to come as early as 5:00am and join us in the lobby for conversation and caffeine.

Young Men’s Discipleship Bible Study
Leaders: Brian Boom
Location: Room 109  |  Time: 5:30am

Join this group as they use Scripture to seek to grow in the wisdom of God. No preparation is required. Simply bring your Bible and a willing heart as the men work their way through the book of John, line by line. This group is designed for men in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.


Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Bible Study
Leader: Jim De Horn  |  Location: First Ref. Church Grandville
Time: 12:00pm

Join the guys for an in-depth study of Scripture. The discussions are always lively. With several different theological perspectives, you’re guaranteed to be challenged and inspired. This fall’s first study will be verse-by-verse through Matthew.

Men's Discipleship Group
Leader: Tim Lenters  |  Location: Room 001
Time: 8:00pm

This group’s emphasis is always on spiritual growth and their walk with God. Praying for each other is also a significant part of each gathering. The goal is to walk the sanctification journey together with God and each other.


Scripture and Prayer Men’s Bible Study
Leader: Larry Bruins  |  Location: Room 107
Time: 6:30am

These faithful men gather to pray for the congregation and to dive into God’s Word. You will be blessed and you will be a blessing to others as you join these men.


Band of Brothers Men’s Bible Study
Leader: Jim Burton  |  Location: Room 109
Time: 7:00am

Join this group every Friday morning. Bring your Bible and be ready to learn, discuss, and grow.


▪ Dawn Patrol
Leaders: Tony Zapata and Jim De Horn
Location: Room 027
Time: 7:30am (monthly, every third Saturday)

This monthly video/discussion Bible study is based on a presentation by Pete Alwinson. The study always proves to be just what is needed to help the men of FRC in their on-going efforts to become the men God has called them to be. With this group, you’re sure to have a great time of fellowship and spiritual growth. Coffee/Sprinkles Donuts are always waiting to help you kick-start your Saturday morning.


The Grace Group
Leader: Sherri Wabeke  |  Location: Lobby
Time:  7:00pm (monthly, every second Monday)

The Grace Group is open to all women desiring to build relationships with others who love to study the Living Word of God. Each year we select a new devotional study and discuss how it relates to our lives. We encourage one another to grow in our relationship with God through the reading of Scriptures, open discussion, and prayer. Participation in this group only requires the understanding that we need to give each other grace as we walk this road together.


Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Study
Leader: Heidi Wiley  |  Location: Music Room
Time:  9:30am

Pain is inevitable, and we can’t avoid it. In the pages of the Old Testament, we find Job, a good and Godly man, who suffered a devastating loss. As we study this man’s life, we will learn how God views our hardships and welcomes our difficult questions. Please join us for this eight-week class entitled, “Job: A Story of Unlikely Joy,” by Lisa Harper. Our desire is that we learn to prize the reality of God’s love and goodness more than life’s difficulties, ultimately witnessing our pain being transformed into a conduit for God’s glory and compassionate comfort.


Leader: Linda Cook  |  Location: Room 107
Time:  9:15am

Spend time getting to know your sisters-in-Christ while digging into God’s Word. It’s OK if you can’t come every week; everyone is welcome to “drop in.” Bring your Bible and come when you can. You’ll always find an open atmosphere where it’s safe to ask simple or profound questions.

Contagious Joy
Leader: Gwen Snoeyink  |  Location: Music Room
Time:  6:45pm

Women of all ages and stages are invited to join us for a relaxed time of Bible study and friendship as we focus on "Experiencing Contagious Joy." The homework is minimal and there's no need to stress about perfect attendance; just come and be refreshed by our Living Hope, Jesus!


Women’s War Room Prayer Group
Leader: Gwen Snoeyink  |  Location: Room 109
Time:  8:00am

This group is made up of “just ordinary women” who depend on God’s Word and Spirit to guide their prayers for the pastors, leaders, and ministries of FRC. Come for a visit and see whether God might be calling you to join these prayer warriors in this valuable ministry.

Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study
Leader: Joyce Jansen  |  Location: Room 107
Time:  9:45am (October 3 - December 19)

“Entrusted,” by Beth Moore, is the comprehensive study of 2 Timothy. Beth's goal is to turn us into mighty servants who carry the Gospel to the world. Paul charges both Timothy and us to "guard what has been entrusted to you." This DVD-based study is both an interactive and a personal application study. We will alternate our 11 weeks of study between the DVD teaching and our group discussions.

Contact: Jim DeHorn
Phone: 616-669-1213

How can I Grow / Serve?

  • Join a Bible study to grow in your faith with friends.

  • Want to lead a Bible study to serve others?