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Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups are for everyone. Much of the spiritual growth and Christian fellowship that takes place at FRC happens in small, Bible Study Groups. These groups range from 60 women in a Wednesday morning Bible study to one-on-one accountability partners meeting in individual homes. Bible Study Groups are as different and unique as the members that participate in them.

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Men's Bible Studies

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Early Risers
Leader: Pastor Shawn Hulst  |  Location: Conference Room
Time: 5:30am

Feel free to arrive as early as 5:00am for coffee and conversation in the lobby. At 5:30am, the guys move to the Conference Room for prayer and verse-by-verse study of Scripture. We are currently working our way through Galatians.

Young Men’s Discipleship Group
Leaders: Pastor Jeremy Visser and Brian Boom
Location: Room 034 |  Time: 5:30am

Join us for verse-by-verse study of Scripture as we seek to grow in the wisdom of God. No preparation is required; simply bring your Bible and a willing heart. This group is designed for men in their 20’s and 30’s.


Serendipity Bible
Leader: Jim DeHorn|  Time: Noon-1:00pm
Location: 1st Reformed of Grandville

Join the guys for an in-depth study of Scripture. The discussions are always lively with several different theological perspectives making this a fun group. You will be challenged and inspired. No sign-up is necessary; just show up with your Bible and we’ll welcome you aboard.

Men's Discipleship Group
Leader: John Nauta  |  Location: Conference Room
Time: 8:30pm

These determined disciple-makers have recently studied "Respectable Sins" and "Victory in Spiritual Warfare." Join this group and be part of a great brotherhood of God's men as they study the scriptures with the help of John Piper's excellent book, Don't Waste Your Life.


Scripture and Prayer
Leader: Larry Bruins  |   Location: Conference Room
Time: 6:30am

These faithful men gather to pray for the congregation and to dive into God's Word. You will be blessed and you will be a blessing to others as you join these men. The current topic is Old Testament Characters.


 Dawn Patrol
Leaders: Jim De Horn and Tony Zapata   
Location: Room 027|  Time: 7:30am

Dawn Patrol is for men of all ages and all stages of spiritual maturity. The Bible study is based on a video presentation by Pat Morley. Our time of “man-style” study always proves to be just what we need to help us be the men God has called us to be. Join us for a great time of fellowship and spiritual growth. And, we start off each session with Sprinkles donuts.

Women's Bible Studies


▪ "Drop In" Bible Study
Leaders: Linda Cook and Gwen Snoeyink  |  Location: Annex
Time: 9:15am

Come when you can! Come as you are! There’s no homework. Bring your Bible and enjoy sweet fellowship around God’s Word.  The study will be based on various passages from the Bible based on the Holy Spirit’s leading. We’d love to have you join us.  


War Room
Leaders: Linda Cook and Gwen Snoeyink
Location: Room 109  |  Time: 8:00-9:00am

"You don't have because you don't ask" (James 4:2). We have a loving Heavenly Father who wants us to ask Him for the good things that He already wants to give us. The mission of the prayer group is to intercede weekly for our pastors, leaders, and programs at FRC. We spend time in Adoration, silent Confession, and Thanksgiving to our Great Provider. Using Scripture, we claim promises, seek blessings and protection, and pray for the Spirit's filling and Satan's defeat in the life of our church.

Other Bible Studies


Prayer Meeting
Time: 5:30pm  |  Location: Pastor Shawn’s Office


There Is Hope Weekly Emails
Each Friday morning an email is sent out that updates everyone on the prayer requests of the Palmbos family, serving with There is Hope in Malawi, and Jake Tornga's ministry with refugees world-wide.  This is an on-line prayer meeting led by Jim De Horn. Anyone wishing to be added to the email list should contact Jim De Horn at

Contact: Jim DeHorn
Phone: 616-669-1213

How can I Grow / Serve?

  • Join a Bible study to grow in your faith with friends.
  • Want to lead a Bible study to serve others?