Children's Christmas Program 2018


Regular Sunday School attendees, age 3 through 3rd grade are participating in the music portion of the program. Additionally, there are speaking parts by grade for the first half of the program. We will edit the program based on the number of children who wish to participate.

4th through 6th grade students have the opportunity to participate in the drama portion. This large drama occurs during the second half of the program. You must be willing to ACT and MEMORIZE your part (some may be large). Most importantly, you must be able to be at ALL 3 rehearsals.


Major Drama (4th – 6th Grades)
Saturday, November 17th  -  9:00-10:00a
Checkerboard Room

Major Drama (4th – 6th Grades)
Saturday, December 1st  -  9:00-10:00a
Checkerboard Room

ALL CHILDREN ages 3 - 3rd Grade and 4th - 6th Drama 
Saturday, December 8th  -  9:00-10:30a

Christmas Program
Sunday, December 9th  -  6:00p

Speaking Part Sign Up

If your child would like a speaking part, please fill out the sign up form below. In order to have a speaking part, each child is required to be at the Dec. 8th rehearsal (4th – 6th graders must be at all 3 rehearsals). If you cannot attend that rehearsal, we cannot give you a part because this is our only rehearsal. This form must be submitted by Sept. 9th if you wish your child to have a speaking part. Please be aware that no requests after this date can be accepted since we will be assigning parts in September.