What Can Christianity Offer Our Society

New City Catechism Week Forty-two Q&A: How is the Word of God to be read and heard? With diligence, preparation, and prayer; so that we may accept it with faith and practice it in our lives.

Yes, I understand. It’s nearly impossible to expect that you can take twenty-five uninterrupted minutes out of your busy schedule to watch Tim Keller address the British Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast. And I also understand that most people would question “why” taking twenty-five uninterrupted minutes out of their busy schedule to listen to Tim Keller address the British Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast is even something worth doing. So all I can do here is ask you to trust me. His address—“What Can Christianity Offer Our Society in the 21st Century?”—needs to be watched.


Paraphrased from the Gospel Coalition Article:

Britain, as well as here at home, Evangelical Christianity is perceived by many to be intolerant, especially toward women and the homosexual community. Many mainstream churches are deeply divided on these issues, with “traditionalists” largely lampooned for holding to historic Biblical morality. Aggressive secularists want to see religion excluded from the public square, and many, in light of Islamic terrorist atrocities, have concluded that religion is dangerous to the cohesion and safety of society. Evangelicalism has now become associated in the public mind with America’s Trump-supporting Religious Right, which is viewed almost entirely negatively by the post-Christian culture.

This is the context into which Keller spoke, and both the content and tone of his speech show why he’s exactly the right person to have done so. He’s urbane, cultured, in touch with the latest academic research, and reasoned and reasonable in the way he speaks.

As you listen to Keller’s presentation, consider how we can use the same significant points he makes about “salt” and ”light” in our conversations with those around us who are critical of our Evangelical Christianity and its place in Hudsonville.

Submitted by Jim De Horn