Fathers Day

New City Catechism.  Week Twenty-Three Q&A:  Q.  Why must the Redeemer be truly God?  (That because of His divine nature His obedience and suffering would be perfect and effective.)  The question for week twenty-four is:  “Why was it necessary for Christ, the redeemed, to die? 

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday (June 17), I’m excited to share this inspiring interview with all of you. Male or female, single or married, young or old, you’ll find this audio interview to be well worth your time.  I’ve already shared it with the guys at Dawn Patrol, and I’ve sent it out to my sons and most of the staff here at FRC.  

Albert Mohler, the current president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is considered by many to be “one of America’s most influential evangelicals.  He’s a significant leadership voice on the board of the Gospel Coalition, and unquestionably one of my favorite theological influences (outside of Pastors Shawn, Jeremy, and Michael of course). 

In this Ligonier Ministry podcast, Dr. Mohler shares his thoughts about Biblical masculinity, Biblical role models, his views regarding complementarianism in the church, his father’s approach to family/spiritual leadership, paternal “election,”  secular leaders like Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, and much more.  Please carve out a few minutes of undisturbed time, and listen to this inspirational interview.    


Happy Father’s Day

Submitted by Jim De Horn