The Masculine Mandate

Pastor Tony Evans, (author, producer and host of the recent film, Kingdom Men Rising), warns: “Satan is determined to undermine men, destroy their God-given roles, and re-define the Biblical definition of manhood because he wants to see the family unravel and society crumble…what we’re seeing, and will continue to see, is the decimation of the family, because the husband and father is the foundation of the family, and the family is the foundation of society.”

On Saturday morning, May 18, the Adult Education Team will be hosting an event we’re calling “The Masculine Mandate.” We’ll start the morning with a full-blown breakfast (bacon, sausage & biscuits, cheesy-hashbrowns, oatmeal, donuts). The meal will be followed by a presentation led by John Teeples, a local lawyer, and adult ministry director. John has put together a wonderful presentation using his own family experience as a model. Our purpose is to challenge the men of Fellowship to honor the mandate given to God’s men to lovingly lead their wives and their families “as Christ loved the church [giving] Himself up for her.” We will be focusing on the ways we can use the unique gifts God has given each of us to successfully lead our families through the minefields of modern culture—and more importantly, to personal relationships with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Please pray for a great turn out for this event and for the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of the men of Fellowship.

It’s not too late to register so sign up today. Contact Jim De Horn by today at so that we can make sure there’s plenty of bacon on the table when you arrive.

Written by Jim De Horn