A Place Called Heaven

• Is heaven a real place, or is it a state of mind?
• Do Christians go immediately to heaven when they die
• Who will be in heaven?
• Have some people already visited heaven?
• Do people in heaven know what is happening on earth?
• What will we do in heaven?
• Will we know one another in heaven?
• What difference does a future in heaven make in my life today?

When we begin the Fall Education Season in September, the primary Family Night class will be a video/discussion study with Dr. Robert Jeffress, entitled “A Place Called Heaven.” This course has the potential of being one of the most fascinating and “fun” Bible studies that we’ve offered in quite some time. It’s designed to be a true “participation” class with open-ended discussion questions and encouragement to share different perspectives. Jeffress himself promises to pose an interesting challenge to many of us. When it comes to eschatology, I find myself pretty firmly in the “Reformed Historical,” “Amillennial” camp, but Dr. Jeffress (a Dallas Theological Seminary grad) is a Dispensational Pre-Tribulationalist. So this summer, as I was preparing lesson plans for the class, I found myself disagreeing with Jeffress out loud. “NO WAY; NUH-UH; THAT’S WRONG!” So we’ll certainly have different points of view to discuss throughout the study. It’ gonna be fun.

However, since the primary focus “A Place Called Heaven” is on our eternal home, your eschatological position will only be challenged a few times, because once we begin eternity in “heaven” (wherever that may be), all the apocalyptic events will have already occurred.

I hope this little taste of the course content and format has whet your appetite. Plan now to join us in this fascinating study when we begin Family Night this fall. Class starts on September 25th.

Written by Jim De Horn