Jada Elenbaas

Jada Elenbaas, great granddaughter of Marlene VanKomen, is a six-month old who was born with DiGeorge Syndrome. This syndrome greatly affects her immune system.  Jada underwent a thymus transplant on April 4 at Duke University.  Below is an excerpt from the family Facebook page:

Jada is scheduled to have her transplant April 4th! She is optimistic that the testing will be fine and is excited that we may be here for only 1 month. Due to the thymus transplant happening pretty quickly, Jada will need a lot of blood work (almost 18ml a day) and with her already, chronic anemia, we were told she will most likely need quite a few blood transfusions. Jada is also being seen by a cardiologist for her heart defect and an ENT to possibly do a tracheostomy this coming week. The thought is that Jada will need some sort of positive pressure respiratory support, which requires some sedation, for a prolonged period. To ensure she is still able to interact, learn and grow like a normal 6 month old, a trach is the best option for her to have as much freedom as possible.