New Life

7th - 8th Grade | Sunday | 5:30P - 7:00p

"New Life" meets from 5:30p - 7:00p on Sunday nights. Our time is made of three different components: games, lesson, and small groups. We play a variety of games to build teamwork, leadership, and to simply have fun together. During our lessons, we open the Bible together while using object lessons, testimonies, or videos we strive for our students to understand God’s word. Small groups or “Core Groups” are same-grade, same-gender groups where the night’s lesson is discussed and applied.

Throughout the year we also have a variety of events. These events include a super-late nighter, winter retreat at Camp Geneva, Craig’s Cruisers, Michigan’s Adventure, and Lead Camp. It’s through these events and shared experiences that we grow closer to Christ and each other.

Everything we do in New Life is designed to reach students for Christ who reach their peers for Christ. This idea can be summarized through 3 key components of discipleship: Worship, Grow, Serve.

Camp Geneva Winter Retreat | January 24-26 | $120

Our Winter Retreat is Friday, January 24th - Sunday, January 26th. The total cost is $120, with $20 due at our sign up deadline on Sunday, October 20th! Here are some photos from the Winter Retreat last year.

Contact: JD Dyer
Phone: 616-669-1213 x128

How Can I Worship / Grow / Serve?

  • We worship through song, prayer, discussing God's Word, building relationship, and applying the truth of the Bible to your life.

  • We grow your knowledge and application of the Bible at each meeting. Each event challenges you to get out of your comfort zone so that you'll be able to experience God more.

  • We serve others through leadership initiatives, group projects, and weekly activities in our New Life meetings. Students are also invited to help lead in our Children's Ministry as well as mentoring younger students. Adults are invited to take leadership positions to help the students in the ministry.