Uganda Team

The Uganda Team has returned home from serving Welcome Home Ministries.   The team will partner with an orphanage to care for 75 children, to provide building repairs, to offer a VBS, and to serve with a village medical day. For more information, please visit

Members of the team include: Aaron Haarsma, Avery Haarsma, David Haarsma, Deb Haarsma, Ella Haarsma, Jordan Haarsma, Kendal Haarsma, Lisa Haarsma, Norm Haarsma, Owen Haarsma, Becca Kunz, Mary Jo Kunz, Meghan Kunz, Tom Kunz, Brenda Parker, Ally Smith, Brayden Smith, Brooklyn Terpstra, Kerri Terpstra, and Gina VanWoerkom