• Worship is an expression of our loving relationship with God. We are joined to celebrate His love for us--and His care and concern for our lives. He is our Heavenly Father!
  • As we worship our Father, we enjoy a full spectrum of music, having both traditional hymns as well as brand new songs. Every selection points us to the truth of Scripture.
  • Prayer is our conversation with God--through the power of the Holy Spirit. We praise Him. We confess our sins and failures, our weaknesses and needs. We pray and count our blessings. Prayer is an opportunity to bring our specific experiences immediately to God.
  • Within worship, we always focus upon God's Word: the Bible. We read it, study it, and personally and practically apply it to our lives. We believe God's Word has authority in our lives.
  • During our worship, we also receive an offering. As a guest, please allow the offering plate to pass by you. However, as members, we bring a tithe or an offering. We give back to God a portion of what He has generously given to us.
  • Following the service, please join us in the lobby. It's a great time to look for familiar faces. It's also a great time for church staff to connect with you and to answer any of your questions. We also have coffee and tea available for those who might enjoy a beverage.
  • Still have questions? Great! Feel free to contact Pastor Shawn at shulst@frchudsonville.org or 669-1213 x105.