Jada Elenbaas

Jada Elenbaas, great granddaughter of Marlene VanKomen, is a six-month old who was born with DiGeorge Syndrome. This syndrome greatly affects her immune system.  Jada underwent a thymus transplant on April 4 at Duke University.  Below is an excerpt from the family Facebook page:

Jada is scheduled to have her transplant April 4th! She is optimistic that the testing will be fine and is excited that we may be here for only 1 month. Due to the thymus transplant happening pretty quickly, Jada will need a lot of blood work (almost 18ml a day) and with her already, chronic anemia, we were told she will most likely need quite a few blood transfusions. Jada is also being seen by a cardiologist for her heart defect and an ENT to possibly do a tracheostomy this coming week. The thought is that Jada will need some sort of positive pressure respiratory support, which requires some sedation, for a prolonged period. To ensure she is still able to interact, learn and grow like a normal 6 month old, a trach is the best option for her to have as much freedom as possible.

Jen Timmer

Jen Timmer, elementary school teacher of Brinsley Roetman, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She underwent surgery on Tuesday, March 28.  In addition, Mrs. Timmer has two sons with significant health concerns.  One son is struggling with seizures; the second son's health is weakened because he has half a heart, one lung and one kidney.  Please pray for God's significant and miraculous healing--as well as daily provision for all their needs.

Alana Vazquez

Alana Vazquez, is the granddaughter of Tom and Jan Rozema.  She was born with an eye condition that greatly affects her vision; she no longer has peripheral or night vision.  The Iowa Vision Institute Research Center is working to identify the mutated gene.  Please pray that they will be able to identify this gene before she goes back to the Iowa Institute in August.  Pray, also, that God continues to stop the progression of the disease.