Young Adults

Bible Study

The Young Adults Ministry at FRC is designed with those between the ages of 18-25 in mind. The ministry exists as a conduit for involvement in the church. The goal is to get every young adult participating in three key components of the discipleship process within the life of the church: worship, grow and serve. 
As young adults seek to find their role in life and in the church, the Young Adults Ministry provides opportunities to aid in that process.

Contact: Brian Boom
Phone: 616-669-1213 x108

How Can I Grow / serve?

  • Every Wednesday night we have a Bible Study in Room 108 from 8:30-9:30pm.  We range from studying books of the Bible to going through short series.
  • There are eight events per year that are designed to grow relationships with your peers while having a ton of fun.
  • Every third month, the Young Adults Ministry will partner with local mission's organizations to serve the community. 
  • Young adults may become leaders or leaders-in-training of the weekly Bible study or any area of our Youth Ministry or Children's Ministry.