Our Christian Sympathy--Family and Friends of MaryLou DeWent

We extend our Christian sympathy to the family and friends of FRC member, MaryLou DeWent.  MaryLou passed away on Thursday, July 19. The visitation will be on Wednesday, July 25, from 5:00-8:00pm at VanderLaan Funeral Home.  The funeral will be on Thursday, July 26, at 11:00am at Fellowship Reformed Church with additional visitation from 10:00-10:45am.

FRC Ministry Staffing

The FRC Staff and Consistory appreciate your prayers as they remain actively engaged in the busy ministry of proclaiming Christ to Georgetown--while serving as the hands and feet of Christ in our community.  Following the recent retirement of Pastor Mike, present and future staffing needs are being evaluated and determined in an effort to provide the strongest reach possible for God's glory and the salvation of those still living apart from Him.


Turning Point Mission Trip

Turning Point Mission Trip:

From July 15-21, the FRC Turning Point Youth Group will be in Minneapolis, MN to partner with inner-city organizations to bring the hope of Jesus to the people of Minneapolis and St Paul. Work will include tutoring, street evangelism, meal ministry, house projects, and organizing donations. 

Our 53 volunteers include:

Students:  Morgan Avink, Quinn Baar, Claire Barkel, Ted Barkel, Nicholas Beery, Katelyn Berens, Mason Bosgraaf, Trenton Cleveland, Lindsey DeBoer, Andrew Deters, Anna DeWindt, Bryce DeYoung, Grant Dyk, Kiah Dyk, Jason Feenstra, Chad Folkert, Stephanie Harper, Madilyn Hook, Willow Hower, Nathan Leese, Sophia Lirio, Levi Lutz, Shane Mast, Ally McDaid, Amber Meendering, Ryan Nibbelink, Emma Placzek, Niko Rottschafer, Bethani Sadler, Dakota Shilander, Will Smit, Tyler Smith, Kennedy Sweitzer, Grace TenBrock, Dawson Vruggink, Malachi Waalkes, Darby Weerstra, Mason Weerstra, Jacob Wilson, Andrew Wyn, Cory Wyn, and Jared York.

Leaders: Brian Boom, Jake Cammenga, JD Dyer, Jen Hower, Jeff Massom, Joel Matzke, Lorraine McElwee, Nick Miller, Kristin VanderWal, Rachel Vruggink, and Shelly Waalkes


Anonymous Prayer Request(s)

1.  Please pray for those who are battling pornography and sexual addictions.

2. Please pray for families considering and/or pursuing the opportunity of adoption.

3. Please pray that God would protect those involved in struggling and/or abusive marriages. Please pray that God would open doors of communication–providing the means to talk with one another.

4. Please pray for those who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

5. Please pray for those who endure chronic pain on a daily basis–battling illnesses and diagnoses that have minimal treatment options.

6. Please pray for those struggling with suicidal behaviors.