Lead Camp: June 25-30

The following leaders and students will be going to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, for Lead Camp. Please pray for a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit in participants’ lives—that they would passionately pursue Jesus:  Morgan Avink, Ted Barkel, Hannah Beemer, Katelyn Berens, Brian Boom, Brandon Bouma, Jorja Brouwer, Trenton Cleveland, Emma Costen, Jordan Dean, Joelle Dean, Lindsey DeBoer, Kaelyn Dekker, Paige DenHartigh, Caleb Derks, Layla DeYoung, Grant Dyk, Zach Dyk, Madelyn Gortsema, Isabelle Hower, Davis Hulst, Aubry Ilkanic, Saige Jeltema, Addison Jeltema, Kyra Lamfers, Olivia Massom, Amber Meendering, Hanna Miller, Jillian Piper, Jimmy Ploeg, Jordan Raffel, Dakota Shilander, Cami Takens, Simon VanderWall, Allison VanderWall, and Cory Wyn.


Belize Trip: July 1-8


The Belize Team will be doing a variety of ministries.  Mornings will be spent working with local farmers and doing various construction projects.   During the afternoons, they will be running a sports camp and a VBS for around 200 children!  They will also have a ladies’ spa evening, a men's ministry evening, and a youth night. The participants include: Katie Bohl, Zach Bohl, Caleb Dean, Sherry Dood, Jim Dunn, Justin Dunn, Karen Dunn, Kristi Dunn, Chuck Hinken, Randy Hinken, Jack Hinken, Olivia Hook, Kelly Holst, Kiera Holst, Olivia Howlett, Scott Huyser, Sydney Huyser, Katherine McAlary, Patrick McAlary, Nick Miller, Nolan Petroelje, Barb Stuive, Scott Stuive, Mitch Stuive, Cody Stuive, Tara Van Dis, Kathryn Vander-Schaaf, Morgan Vander Schaaf, Anna Vander Schuur, Brad Walters, Jeff Walters, Alek Zapata, Carmela Zapata, and Tony Zapata.


Uganda Mission Trip: June 27-July 11

The Uganda Team will be serving with Welcome Home Ministries.   The team will partner with an orphanage to care for 75 children, to provide building repairs, to offer a VBS, and to serve with a village medical day. For more information, please visit welcomehomeafrica.com.

Members of the team include: Aaron Haarsma, Avery Haarsma, David Haarsma, Deb Haarsma, Ella Haarsma, Jordan Haarsma, Kendal Haarsma, Lisa Haarsma, Norm Haarsma, Owen Haarsma, Becca Kunz, Mary Jo Kunz, Meghan Kunz, Tom Kunz, Brenda Parker, Ally Smith, Brayden Smith, Brooklyn Terpstra, Kerri Terpstra, and Gina VanWoerkom


Anonymous Prayer Request(s)

1.  Please pray for those who are battling pornography and sexual addictions.

2. Please pray for families considering and/or pursuing the opportunity of adoption.

3. Please pray that God would protect those involved in struggling and/or abusive marriages. Please pray that God would open doors of communication–providing the means to talk with one another.

4. Please pray for those who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

5. Please pray for those who endure chronic pain on a daily basis–battling illnesses and diagnoses that have minimal treatment options.

6. Please pray for those struggling with suicidal behaviors.