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Men's Discipleship

Every man at FRC ought to be able to find his own way to Worship, Grow, and Serve through the wide range of ever-changing classes, activities, and opportunities offered for all men at Fellowship.

Our mission is to grow Godly men through relational discipleship and the power of the Holy Spirit, and to help every man leave a lasting legacy that honors Jesus Christ.

A Godly man is a man who has surrendered his life to Christ, who WORSHIPS his Lord and Savior; who is engaged in the ongoing process of Spiritual GROWTH, and who seeks to honor his Lord through SERVICE.

The Masculine Mandate

On Saturday, May 18, the Men of Fellowship gathered for breakfast, camaraderie, and training.  Under the leadership of the Adult Education Team and seminar leader John Teeples, the Husbands, Dads, and Grandpas of the congregation had a great time learning more about God’s mandate for Godly men to be the spiritual leaders of their families.

After a breakfast “made for men,” a dozen of “Fellowship’s finest” offered information about the numerous Bible studies and activities available to men of all ages. Following that, the seminar discussion focused on “five basic principles” of Biblical manhood. The capstone of the morning was a presentation led by the keynote speaker, John Teeples.  Teeples shared the fascinating game plan that he put together and has been using for a generation now as he seeks to be the spiritual leader of his family. Our men were challenged to create their own plan as they seek to fulfill the scriptural Masculine Mandate clearly laid out for men of God.     

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Bible Studies 2019

Check out all of our Bible Studies for men.

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Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol is for all men of all ages and all stages of spiritual maturity. We begin at 7:30am on the third Saturday of every month for one hour as we go through a video study with Pete Alwinson, the founder of Forge Ministries in association with Man in the Mirror.  Join us in Room 027 for a great time of fellowship and spiritual challenge.

Spring Training 2019

This year’s FRC Men’s Spring Training weekend was awesome. Kevin DeVries’ message challenged each of our men regardless of their spiritual maturity. Kevin pressed the men to conquer the mountains they face in life through reliance on Christ, and to live out their faith by sharing God’s grace through their personal stories. Each year, God uses Spring Training in a special way in the lives of all of those who attend. Our entire contingent of guys all wish to thank Nick Wabeke for once again coordinating all the registration details that make it possible for them to have the awesome spiritual and social experience that Spring Training at Grace Adventures affords them year after year. Not that it matters, but this year’s “man games” were awesome.   

Contact: Jim DeHorn
Phone: 616-669-1213

How can I Grow / serve?

 Men of Fellowship can use their gifts in "Kingdom Work" through:

  • The Tool Time Ministry led by Roger Huisingh

  • The Veterans Honor Breakfast led by Jim De Horn and Jim Burton

  • Church Christmas Decorating Crew led by Lorraine Mcelwee

  • God's Kitchen led by Kel Wabeke

  • Funeral Service Helpers led by Ranae Hook

  • Little League/Softball Training Days (Spring)

  • Landscape Crew led by Ron Oesch

  • Information Desk, Ushers, Greeters, Nursery (Contact the Church Office)

  • Sunday School Teachers and Helpers led by Vicki Victory

  • VBS Teachers and Helpers led by Vicki Victory